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Hannah/ 18 / Wales

Hello I am Hannah and I like anything strange and morbid, I also like punk,goth, retro and alternative styles. I hope you find my blog interesting <3

were over on We Heart It.

 “what was your last text to Jared”

Realist shit I’ve ever read. 

vertical/personal/love ♥

Don’t you realize that you’re about to loose her? Every day that you spend not knowing what you want is a day that she’s slipping away.

She’s not the kind of girl that will wait for you.
She knows her worth and she might love you.

But she loves herself more.

Midnight thoughts (via reality-escape-artist)

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I’m tired of you and all your bull crap , I don’t enjoy being taken for granted or treated like crap . You make me constantly upset and sometimes I just think to myself why am I putting myself through this because your hurting me. A lot!

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